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Pizza chain Sbarro files for bankruptcy

4:14 PM, Mar 10, 2014

The Sbarro pizza restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy court protection Monday, less than three weeks after it was forced to close more than 40% of its U.S. locations.

Snowden calls for 'accountability' in surveillance chat

3:54 PM, Mar 10, 2014

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden says the NSA is "setting fire to the future of the Internet" with surveillance practices he first revealed last year.

Iranian linked to stolen passports on doomed jet

3:25 PM, Mar 10, 2014

Beijing sent two delegations here Monday to probe stolen passports as reports surfaced that an Iranian man purchased the two tickets used by those passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared Saturday off the coast of Vietnam.

Men breastfeeding photographs fight stigma

1:39 PM, Mar 10, 2014

A shirtless man holds an infant to his chest with the caption "Project Breastfeeding: If I could, I would." Much to Hector Cruz's surprise, the photos have gone viral. 

Sandy Hook shooter's father: I wish he'd never been born

10:31 AM, Mar 10, 2014

Speaking publicly for the first time, the father of the Newtown, Conn., school killer says he wishes his son had never been born.

Powerful earthquake strikes off N. Calif. coast

9:48 AM, Mar 10, 2014

A powerful magnitude-6.9 earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast early Monday.

No debris from missing jet found

8:06 AM, Mar 10, 2014

Six planes and seven ships from Vietnam were searching for the object but nothing had been found.

A world with TV ads is fading to black

7:21 AM, Mar 10, 2014

There are two different business interests here in facing the transition to a video world with fewer ads: the media and the brands.

Peru: Van der Sloot to be extradited to US in 2038

6:27 AM, Mar 10, 2014

Once Joran van der Sloot completes his Peru murder sentence in 2038, he'll be extradited to the U.S.

PM: Won't budge '1 centimeter' from Ukrainian land

2:05 AM, Mar 10, 2014

Separatists in Crimea are keeping up the pressure for unification with Moscow while the Ukrainian prime minister is vowing not to give up "a single centimeter" of his country's territory.

Syrian rebels release nuns held since December

2:05 AM, Mar 10, 2014

Rebels in Syria have freed more than a dozen Greek Orthodox nuns, ending their four-month captivity in exchange for Syrian authorities releasing dozens of female prisoners.

Americans riding public transit in record numbers

2:05 AM, Mar 10, 2014

Americans are using public transit in greater numbers than any time since the suburbs began booming - nearly 10.7 billion trips in 2013.

'Band of Brothers' vet William Guarnere dies at 90

11:26 PM, Mar 9, 2014

William "Wild Bill" Guarnere, one of the World War II veterans whose exploits were dramatized in the TV miniseries "Band of Brothers," has died. He was 90

Searchers find debris that could be from missing jet

11:21 PM, Mar 9, 2014

A low-flying plane on Sunday spotted an object in waters off Vietnam that could be a piece of the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines jet that disappeared early Saturday, authorities said.

Mustang's 50th anniversary takes Boomers along for ride

8:40 PM, Mar 9, 2014

By the time Ford unveiled the first mass market sports car in 1964, the last year in which joining the boomers' club was a demographic birthright, a youthful generation of 83 million strong was emerging whom Ford could target as customers.

2 on missing Malaysian plane had stolen passports

9:06 PM, Mar 8, 2014

Two passengers on the flight manifest for the Malaysian jetliner that vanished with 239 on board weren't on board the plane, foreign ministry officials in Italy and Austria said Saturday.

Report: Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark in Japan

8:45 PM, Mar 8, 2014

Here's one more possible sign Apple is jumping into the smartwatch business.

Eat McDonald's for 3 months, lose 37 pounds?

6:26 PM, Mar 8, 2014

Science teacher goes on McDonald's-only diet to prove it's not where you eat, but what you eat (and how much you exercise) that matters.

Daylight saving brings risks with loss of sleep

3:43 PM, Mar 8, 2014

The loss of an hour's sleep can also result in less productivity, researchers say.

Why Netflix is about to bump up prices

1:03 PM, Mar 8, 2014

The cost of a streaming package is only $7.99, that's almost half the price of a movie ticket in New York City. Can prices remain this low going forward in the face of deals like the one with Comcast (CMCSA)?

VIRAL: Video shows what your accent might sound like

12:54 AM, Mar 8, 2014

Do you ever wonder what your accent sounds like to people overseas? A YouTube user from Finland is giving the world a chance to find out.

Atlanta mother, daughter take part in kidney swap

12:15 AM, Mar 8, 2014

Emory University Hospital was one of three hospitals across the country that took part in a six-way kidney swap this week.

IBM develops cognitive cooking computer

11:56 PM, Mar 7, 2014

When the Jetsons first hit prime time in 1962, only a handful of TV stations could broadcast in color. Now, one of the most popular element of the show: a cooking computer is a food truck reality. 

'World Trade Center cross' fight continues as atheist group appeals ruling

11:27 PM, Mar 7, 2014

Is it a religious symbol or piece of history? A controversy over a cross-shaped steel beam found in the World Trade Center rubble continues to rage.

Tampa family gets sick from meat contaminated with LSD

10:56 PM, Mar 7, 2014

A Tampa Police investigation is underway Friday after an entire family, including a pregnant woman and two young children, were hospitalized as a result of eating LSD-laced meat.

'Why We Rescue' project shows shelter animals 'aren't second rate'

9:15 PM, Mar 7, 2014

Theron Humphrey attained Internet and book fame with his photos of "Maddie on Things" - happy images of his dog perching patiently atop bicycles, horses, shopping carts, skateboards and more - and his latest photo project packs a similarly blissful wallop.

Singing app featured at SXSW

9:00 PM, Mar 7, 2014

Matt Serletic isn't leaving anything to chance.

California bill would ban SeaWorld orca shows

5:57 PM, Mar 7, 2014

A documentary that claims to expose the treatment of orcas and problems with trainer safety at SeaWorld has spurred action from a California state lawmaker.

Report: Ukrainian base under siege

5:52 PM, Mar 7, 2014

Rallies were held in the streets of Russia Friday to urge Crimea to become part of Russia as a leader of Russia's parliament pledged to support a referendum -deemed illegal by the West - to break from Ukraine.

Mom who drove into ocean charged with attempted murder

4:47 PM, Mar 7, 2014

A pregnant South Carolina woman was charged Friday with three counts of attempted first-degree murder for allegedly driving her minivan into the ocean in an effort to drown her three young children, according to the Volusia County sheriff.

Obama fumbles classic song title: 'R-S-P-E-C-T'

2:25 PM, Mar 7, 2014

Maybe he was a little nervous about being in the presence of a musical legend: Aretha Franklin.

2014 Paralympics begin in Sochi

2:09 PM, Mar 7, 2014

The U.S. is sending 80 athletes and the team is billed as the largest of any nation in Sochi, with 58 men and 22 women, and up from 50 athletes in 2010.

Ted Turner admitted to hospital for observation, spokesman says

1:25 PM, Mar 7, 2014

CNN and Turner Broadcasting System founder Ted Turner was admitted to a hospital for observation while traveling in South America, his spokesman Phillip Evans said Friday.

Oscar Mayer develops bacon-scented device for iPhone

12:58 PM, Mar 7, 2014

Want to wake up to the sound of bacon sizzling on the stove with its aroma drawing you out of bed?

Pistorius' ex-girlfriend describes his gunplay, temper

11:15 AM, Mar 7, 2014

The woman said their relationship ended when Pistorius cheated on her with Reeva Steenkamp.

Man to be tried as adult for setting 8-year-old on fire; victim died 13 years later

10:51 AM, Mar 7, 2014

 A judge has decided that the Texas man who set an 8-year-old boy on fire will be tried as an adult in the murder case. Robbie Middleton died in 2011, 13 years after he was doused in gasoline and set ablaze to cover an alleged sex assault.

Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

A medical breakthrough in skin tightening and anti aging.

1:16 PM, Apr 17, 2014

Joe's Crab Shack Ragin' Cajun Steampot Recipe

Are you in a seafood mood?

8:05 AM, Mar 26, 2011

Female Bandit Leads High Speed Chase

Atlanta Police responded to an armed robbery in progress in Buckhead early Sunday evening. Upon arrival, officers received a detailed description of the getaway vehicle. Within minutes another patrol car spotted the vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

9:20 AM, Nov 8, 2010

Kids Use CPR to save 12 week old baby

What would you do if your child all of a sudden stopped breathing? It's a frightening scenario that one Marietta mother found herself in just last week.

5:55 PM, Mar 14, 2013

Sharpton's Atlanta HQ admits handing out possibly bogus stimulus check forms

Hundreds of Atlanta seniors may have been targeted for identity theft, but by whom?

8:30 PM, Sep 30, 2011

Rome man claims he had role in escape from Alcatraz

 An 89-year-old Rome man claims he played a role in the notorious escape from Alcatraz, but kept his story bottled up for nearly 50 years.

11:29 PM, Dec 30, 2011

Tamara Cotman found not guilty in Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial

Friday morning, a jury found Tamara Cotman not guilty of influencing a witness in connection with the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal.

9:54 PM, Sep 6, 2013

Frank Ski Kids Foundation

Join the Frank Ski Kids Foundation and volunteer for Comcast Cares Day.

1:26 PM, Apr 17, 2014

Anna Benson tells all in interview with Dr. Phil

Anna Benson reveals details behind her aggravated assault charges for threatening her husband, former Met's pitcher Kris Benson.

8:13 PM, Nov 27, 2013

Target to close Duluth store

Target will close eight stores nationwide on May 3, including the one on Venture Drive in Duluth.

7:49 AM, Jan 13, 2014
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