Unique Eats

Unique Eats: "Sweet Cheats" brings creative cupcakes to Cabbagetown

11:02 AM, Dec 22, 2012

Owner Shirley Hughes opened Sweet Cheats in late 2011. They're not your typical cupcakes, but she's not your typical baker.

Government controlled food serving sizes unlikely

10:54 AM, Jun 1, 2012

Many in the food industry are keeping an eye on suggestions that the government should limit serving sizes.

Harold's BBQ puts off closing its doors

7:05 AM, May 4, 2012

The original Harold's restaurant in Atlanta was supposed to close doors on its 65th anniversary. But it was saved by its own tradition, its customers.

SEED Kitchen and Bar hidden in corner of Merchants Walk Shopping Center

7:04 PM, Apr 16, 2012

When you think of the finest restaurants in Metro Atlanta you don't often think of shopping malls. But times and tastes are dramatically changing.

WEST SIDE | A doughnut shop's journey ... to Thailand

7:37 AM, Feb 2, 2012

One of Atlanta's most renowned doughnut shops is opening a new location ... on the other side of the world.

Frozen yogurt, once unique, now topping the charts

11:15 AM, Jan 14, 2012

Years ago frozen yogurt was unique because it was a specialty item. Today it's unique for a different reason.

Unique Eats: Frank Ski's

11:47 AM, Nov 3, 2011

You wake up with him every morning on V-103, but now Frank Ski wants to invite you to dinner.

Unique Eats: Marietta Fish Market

11:12 AM, Oct 29, 2011

One of Cobb County's best known restaurant hosts throws annual appreciation birthday for loyal seafood customers.

UNIQUE EATS: Parq Pizza & Bar

7:49 AM, Oct 12, 2011

Located at the entrance of Piedmont Park, the aptly named Parq Pizza and Bar is an established restaurant that's recently undergone a name change.

Unique Eats: Henry's Louisiana Grill in Acworth

10:02 AM, Jul 30, 2011

Chef Henry's food is as unique as his character.

Unique Eats--MetroFresh in Midtown Atlanta

9:56 PM, Jun 18, 2011

MetroFresh in Midtown Atlanta features soups and salads made before the sun comes up seven days a week; everything priced at $4.75

Commuter Dude's Unique Way to Unique Eats

8:02 AM, Jun 6, 2011

Commuter Dude's Unique Ride to Unique Eats

Unique Eats - Join the Cupcake Craze!

2:54 PM, May 20, 2011

CamiCakes takes the trend of gourmet cupcakes and turns it into a profitable business.

Atlanta street food scene sizzles

11:14 AM, Apr 19, 2011

Atlanta street food vendors come together every Thursday, but we're helping you locate them daily.

Street food vendors now a one-stop-shop

3:00 PM, Apr 8, 2011

Customers usually have to find them, but now many street food vendors will be centralized each week.

TOP CHEF: Kevin Gillespie's finale predictions

8:02 PM, Mar 30, 2011

Woodfire Grill chef Kevin Gillespie weighs in on co-oh-so-close cheftestant Richard Blais's finale chances

BUCKHEAD: FLIP Burger fans to cheer on #TeamBlais

12:06 PM, Mar 30, 2011

On Wednesday night, The Buckhead Theatre is hosting a free viewing of "Top Chef All-Stars" in honor of FLIP Burger concept chef, Richard Blais.

Unique Eats: B.B.'s Bagels Brings NYC to Atlanta -- Really!

4:38 PM, Feb 25, 2011

Is it possible to find a truly great New York City bagel outside of New York City? B.B.'s Bagels in Alpharetta is the latest to say, "Yes, you can."

Arby's Debuts New Salad Alternative

1:47 PM, Feb 24, 2011

Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. has added a "Market Fresh Chopped Side Salad" to the menu as an alternative to fries in its combo meals, at no additional cost.

Restaurant Inspection Reports at Your Fingertips

2:19 PM, Feb 18, 2011

Finding a good restaurant is more than just good food and service. You may also want to check out their score on their most recent health inspection report.

"Unique Eats" at The Colonnade

11:08 AM, Oct 9, 2010

Saturday morning means "Unique Eats" on 11Alive. It's a chance for our anchors and reporters to show their favorite hangouts for food and beverage. Jeff Hullinger says he and his 8 year old son like to have dinner at The Colonnade.

Unique Eats: Fried Black-Eyed Peas at Relish

3:14 AM, Jul 4, 2010

The food at Relish in Roswell is so good, it's more than a restaurant. It's an experience.

Taqueria Del Sol

11:28 AM, Mar 20, 2010

  This reporter shares her favorite place for the best taco in town.

Unique Eats: Nick's Food To Go

11:33 AM, Feb 6, 2010

At the corner of MLK and Hill Street is a little place that you might not notice, unless you already knew it was here.  It's called Nick's Food To Go.  Our own Chris Sweigart went in and checked i

Unique Eats - Loretta's Country Kitchen

7:53 AM, Nov 29, 2009

Whenever we drive to north Georgia to visit our relatives, we have to set aside some time to stop on the way in Oakwood, Ga. to visit Loretta's Country Kitchen.

Unique Eats: Little Szechuan

3:40 PM, Nov 14, 2009

"Best Chinese food in Atlanta," said one customer. "I ate there four days last week," said another. Little Szechuan has a loyal following for fantastic food and an owner who makes everyone feel like family.