Clayton Sheriff Fights Pay Parity

8:29 PM, Jun 30, 2006   |    comments
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Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill said Friday that he may take legal action after the county commission failed to give his deputies the same pay raise as police officers. Hill and several deputies attended Friday morning's commission meeting but were not allowed to make comments before the commission passed its budget. Sheriff Hill said police officers are getting 10- to 15-percent more in pay -- plus additional incentives -- while sheriff's deputies aren't getting anything. "The sheriff's office and the police department has always made the same, always. There's always been parity so now to suddenly pay one department more than another is not right. It's unjust. All my employees want to fight it and I'm going to back them 100 percent on it," Sheriff Hill said. Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell said the deputies are receiving a 5 percent increase in July and another 5 percent hike in January. He said the 10 percent allocated for the police department is to help with a personnel shortage. "We are 51 people short in our police department and we needed to add incentives in order to create a full compliment within our police," Bell said. Hill said he plans to talk to an attorney to determine the next course of action.

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