Audit Backs Clayton Sheriff's Claims

3:51 PM, Apr 7, 2005   |    comments
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An audit recently released supports claims by Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill that inventory at the Clayton County Jail may be excessive. Hills says the warehouse was so disorganized when he took over that it was difficult to know what exactly was inside. However, after weeks of organizing and a county audit, they have an idea. The numbers in the inventory sound somewhat incredible: -- 231,300 insulated cups -- 137,851 garbage liners -- 71,280 razors -- 37,393 wash cloths -- 21,042 bars of soap -- 10,984 pillow cases The inventory also includes games like Uno, Scrabble, Checkers, and Chess. “It’s just ridiculous,” Hill said. The supplies are intended for a jail that houses about 1,300 on average. Hill, however, says the jail cannot possibly go through so many supplies. “You wanna have a store house, but there's a limit and we're gonna study and see what the appropriate number is, so we can adequately have enough in case there's an emergency,” Hill said. “There has been other sheriffs at bigger jails that say they don't have as much stuff as I have so we know we're in excess,” he added. The supplies include more than 10,000 inmate uniforms that are brand new and have never been put in circulation. “I can pretty much tell you we won't be ordering uniforms for a long time,” Hill said. Hill said a simple mistake by his budget manager was responsible for an earlier miscalculation regarding bed sheets. Initial statistics cited by the sheriff’s office said the warehouse included a million bed sheets. The audit, however, found around 15,000. The audit lists about 800,000 paper towels, but lists them as individual sheets. The budget manager, Hill says, added those sheets in with the bed sheets and ended up with a million sheets. The sheriff has made changes like tightening access to the warehouses and controls on purchasing. He is now trying to figure out what he can do with all the extras.

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