Group encouraging Ga. residents to fly Confederate battle flag

7:57 PM, Feb 28, 2014   |    comments
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New version of SCV specialty license tag

ATLANTA -- The Sons of Confederate Veterans group is making headlines again.

The group gained national attention when they announced a new design for their specialty license late. It prominently features the Confederate Battle flag. The group says it commemorates Southern heritage, but critics say it's an offensive reminder of slavery.

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Governor Nathan Deal told 11Alive News that he sees no problem with the plates.

The group announced on Friday it is launching a "Flags Across Georgia" campaign encouraging all residents to fly Confederate battle flags as well as the 1956 Georgia Memorial Flag.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans say they already have a dozen flagpoles up to 120 feet high flying the flags in prominent locations throughout Georgia to commemorate the 150-year anniversary of the Civil War. Like that license plate, the flag has drawn critics. 

What do you think about the campaign? Do you support efforts to fly Confederate flags across the state to promote Southern heritage? Vote below and sound off on our Facebook page.

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