Commuter Dude: Complaints over muddy unpaved road in Atlanta

8:52 AM, Feb 24, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA - Homeowners on Ford Street are tired of watching vehicles get stuck on a road that turnsinto a mud bath with each heavy rain.

For at least two years, Chris Lind has begged the city of Atlanta to pave Ford Street. It is one of 47 unpaved streets in the city.

Again and again, he's been told the city doesn't have the money.

In addition to the sanitation truck that slid dangerously close to Chris' neighbor after a hard rain, there are all of the mail trucks that have faced a similar fate.

"It's the mail trucks, it's the pizza delivery guy, it's the Chinese food," said Lind.

The developer who built the homes was supposed to pave Ford Street, but instead went bankrupt. After the sanitation truck episode, neighbors contacted 11Alive. The city spread some gravel and the director of Public Works paid Ford Street a visit.

The plan is to use recycled asphalt to give Ford Street better footing. It's a temporary solution Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza promises in the next month or two.

"Can it be done sooner than thirty to sixty days?" asked 11Alive's Commuter Dude.

"First we need to do a design and make sure what we put down is going to stay," said Mendoza. "So we need to look at the topography, maybe do some regarding."

Chris Lind is just happy to hear change is coming.

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