Dunwoody Police stop shoplifting, end up taking care of babies

9:29 AM, Feb 22, 2014   |    comments
From Dunwoody Police Facebook Page
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DUNWOODY, Ga. -- Officers in Dunwoody went above and beyond Friday during a shoplifting call.

On the Dunwoody Police Facebook page, they posted the two suspects they arrested had two babies that needed some attention, and officers stepped in:

Officers responded to the WalMart in reference to an in-progress shoplifting. The suspects were located as they attempted to flee the scene. The arrested couple had two infants with them. One in need of a serious diaper change and the other crying so loud the sergeant on scene developed a headache. Officers Stallings & Stevens went right to work. Both are expert fathers as well as police officers. Diaper changed, baby stopped crying and later the babes were turned over to family members.

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