Zoo Atlanta warthog is pregnant

11:55 AM, Feb 21, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Zoo Atlanta is looking forward to welcoming more babies this spring.

The zoo announced Friday that Shirley, a 7-year-old warthog, is expecting her fifth litter of piglets.

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A veterinary team confirmed Shirley's pregnancy during an ultrasound this month. The zoo believes she will give birth between late February and April.

"Shirley is an experienced mother, and (7-year-old male warthog) Vern has proven to be an interested and attentive father, despite the fact that wild male warthogs have no involvement in the rearing of their offspring," Zoo Atlanta spokeswoman Keisha Hines said in a statement.

Warthogs typically produce three to five piglets per litter, according to the zoo.

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