McDonough makes mistakes on speeding tickets

12:09 PM, Feb 20, 2014   |    comments
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Chief Dorsey shows us the radar approval permit. It did not contain the list of roads where they had employed laser radar.
 PDF Document: McDonough unapproved radar list

MCDONOUGH, Ga. -- Thousands of people who received speeding tickets in McDonough over the last 10 years could be in for a refund. McDonough's Chief of Police admits they made a mistake.

"This is our permit that allows us to run radar here in the City of McDonough," said Police Chief, Preston Dorsey, showing 11Alive a permit for roads approved in 1999.

However, the city had been working off a list of roads they had submitted for approval after annexing land in 2002, that was not approved.

"So was it a bit of a surprise to learn that you guys were working of the wrong list?" asked 11Alive reporter, Ross McLaughlin.

"It was terribly disappointing to know that we were doing something that we should not have been doing," replied Chief Dorsey.

"Back in 2002, we sent an updated street list to the Department of Transportation. Somewhere in the process, the permit fell through the cracks. It never made it through the proper process but the other part of it is, we should not have been running radar laser on those 16 streets."

It will be up to the City of McDonough to decide how to handle the issue. In the meantime, he says, it's not going to be an easy process.

"Our mayor and council, our legal team is involved in this process and we hope to correct it and do the right thing."

Most of the people who pleaded guilty to their speeding tickets, probably won't get their money back but if anybody contested their ticket, they could be in for a refund.

|See the list that McDonough City Police were using. The ones marked were an asterisk were not approved.|

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