Who is Elana Meyers?

1:42 AM, Feb 18, 2014   |    comments
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SOCHI, Russia -- Douglasville's Elana Meyers is set to take the spotlight in Sochi when the women's bobsled team competes on Tuesday.

Four years after she won Olympic bronze, she's looking to medal again. In that time, everything has changed for Meyers.

On the ice, Meyers is one seat forward in the sled.

"I knew going into Vancouver, my best shot was as a brakeman. I wasn't going to make it as a driver," Meyers said. "So as soon as that was over, two weeks later, I was in the trenches trying to learn how to drive."

She learned to drive in just a few years and enters the 2014 Olympics on the shortlist for gold.

Meyers also enters these games as a leader - the only USA women's bobsledder with Olympic experience. A few weeks back when former track star Lolo Jones was taking heat for being selected for the bobsledding team, Meyers came to her defense on Facebook.

"I felt that, with everything going on, that Lolo really needed somebody to step forward and say that, 'Hey, we're behind you. We support you and we believe in you as an athlete,'" said Meyers.

That maturity has extended beyond the bob - she's studying for her master's in business. When the Olympics end, she'll marry fellow bobsledder Nick Taylor.

"He kind of reminds that I do have a life outside of bobsled, and that I've got something to look forward to when I come home," Meyers said.


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