Ice still a threat to drivers

2:06 AM, Feb 15, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Ice remains a danger to drivers days after a winter storm swept through metro Atlanta.

Authorities are warning that chunks of ice stuck to cars could pose a threat to other drivers.

Lani Walsh isn't sure that she would've paid much attention to little ice patches on her car, but then she got a text from her daughter.

On Friday afternoon, Lani's daughter, Rachael, was driving south on Interstate 85 behind a black Toyota when she noticed something on the car's roof.

"She said she saw the hunk of ice -- a large hunk of ice -- break off and it was coming in the air and she knew it was coming right towards her," Walsh said. "She just said, 'There was nothing I could do but cringe and wait for it to hit me.'"

Rachael is okay, but she had to fork over $400 for a new windshield.

Georgia State Patrol says this is one of their top messages following storms like this because they know how bad it could be.

"Drivers react all different ways, slamming on their brakes, swerving to avoid it," said GSP Trooper James Rariden.

Rariden said that there were at least accidents on Friday in metro Atlanta caused by flying ice.

"It is no different from a construction vehicle entering the roadway and losing a board or rock and it striking another motor vehicle," said Rariden.

Nothing in Georgia specifically addresses sleet or ice on a vehicle, but Rariden said a statute does talk about maintaining cars and making them safe for roads. Troopers said they are looking for ice on vehicles and could pull over drivers and tell them to clean it off.

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