Authorities investigate 'rolling meth lab' in Marietta

1:58 AM, Feb 15, 2014   |    comments
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Marietta Police investigated a 'rolling meth lab' Friday night

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Police said they were investigating what they called a mobile meth lab the size of a backpack in the area of Northwest Parkway and Franklin Road in Marietta Friday night.

Officers on patrol in that area at about 4:30 pm Friday, said they noticed someone they said looked suspicious. At the same time, a nearby business called 911, saying they noticed that same person tossing a backpack into some nearby bushes when police drove by.

Police circled back and took the man into custody. They got a real surprise when they retrieved the backpack.

"The suspect had what we determined was a sort of rolling meth lab," said Marietta Police Officer Dave Baldwin. "Where he had all the basic ingredients to make methamphetamine in his backpack and was carrying it on his person. Where he was going at this time, I don't know."

Police evacuated several nearby businesses, primarily as a precaution.

Investigators said luckily, the chemicals found in the backpack had not been mixed together. When mixed together, the chemicals involved in making methamphetamine are dangerous and potentially explosive. Police have since removed the backpack and lifted the evacuation order in the area.


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