13-year-old makes amazing buzzer beater shot

10:30 AM, Feb 5, 2014   |    comments
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Video: Kaleb Justice's full court buzzer-beater at N. Forsyth Middle School

CUMMING, Ga. -- The clock was ticking down in North Forsyth Middle School's basketball game. It was the first game in the final tournament of the season. Losers go home; winners keep playing. 

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As the timer counted down to the end of the first half, 13-year-old Kaleb Justice (#32 in the video), stopped at the opposing 3-point line flung the ball into the air. And made the basket. 

The cheerleaders looked stunned, and after a moment the parents in the stand go wild. Kaleb's mom, Erica, tells 11Alive's Julie Wolfe she was just trying to get it all on video. 

"I always record all of his basketball games. But sometimes, I get so excited, I miss it!" 

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When Wolfe asked if Kaleb practiced the amazing long-distance shot, he said only when he was goofing around. "Usually, I tell him not to," Erica said. "I don't want anyone to get hurt!" 

The North Forsyth Wildcats entered the second half pumped by the unbelievable shot and won the game. They'll play their next game in the tournament Wednesday night at Vickery Creek Middle School. 

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