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Good Samaritan chooses to drive toward the gridlock

6:22 AM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- James Roberts could have driven anywhere on Wednesday. He could have stayed out of the cold, traveled away from the gridlock.

Instead, he drove toward it.

He left his warm home to to buy emergency supplies he'd store in his back seat. He stocked bottled water, granola bars and mittens.

"I got a lot of fruit snacks here for kids. I know there's a lot of kids that are out and about right now," he said.

Roberts left his son at home, a 1 month old. But he thought of him, how he could have been trapped, too. Freezing. Stuck in the ice. Anyone he loved could have been in the gridlock without a bottle of water, a granola bar or mittens. Anyone could have been stranded alone. That's why he wanted to help.

"I raided the Valentine's section. I got everybody those heart chocolate boxes," he said.

He handed it out at 4 a.m. He walked across a frozen section of I-85 to deliver it car to car.

"They're having a hard time," he said.

A hard time made a little more sustainable, thanks to a stranger who could have driven anywhere, but chose to drive toward the storm.

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