Commuter Dude: Check for flat tire caused by construction work

8:15 AM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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DEKALB COUNTY, Ga - When a rough spot on Candler Road in Dekalb County cost Terri Latimer one of her tires, she contacted 11Alive's Commuter Dude.

It didn't take long to convince the contractor that caused the flat to pay Terri for the damages.

Marshall Painter was behind the wheel of Terri Latimer's car as the two traveled on a rainy night down Candler Road. They were nearly to I-285 when they met with a construction job in progress.

"A minefield of potholes," is how Marshall describes the stretch of road.

Candler Road is getting a new waterline. Marshall and Terri say there was no warning.

"I'm pretty sure I was airborne, out of my seat," said Terri. "It was such a hard impact."

They hit a spot that had obviously been cut and patched, only the patch job didn't hold.The drop was deep enough to flattened one tire.

"There was no indication of any kind of work or cones out or anything along those lines to let us know there was a huge hole," said Terri

Commuter Dude found a crew placing asphalt around a metal plate covering the spot that caused the flat. Commuter Dude contacted Dekalb County, then the contractor for the waterline job, and finally the sub-contractor responsible for the work. Almost immediately, the company owner called saying he would pay for the damages to Terri's car.

Just days later, Terri Latimer had a check.

Dekalb County told Commuter Dude their transportation department would check Candler Road to make sure any rough spots are properly covered and marked to protect drivers.

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