Reed says rift with Carter overblown by media

8:11 PM, Jan 17, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Mayor Kasim Reed lashed out at reports in the news media that have described a chilly relationship between Reed and Jason Carter.

"i think this is the most insanely overblown, falsely created narrative that I've ever seen," Reed said Friday.

Both men are Democrats. Carter is running for Governor. Eleven days ago, Reed said that he would not jump on what he called Carter's "bandwagon."

This week, Reed told members of Congress about his warm relationship with Governor Deal, the Republican Carter will likely face in November.

"So I understand he's Batman and I'm Robin," Reed said. "I do it by partnering with my republican governor

Reed's remarks startled some election-minded Democrats around the Capitol. Reed says they shouldn't have.

"The comment that I made was about bipartisanship," Reed said. "And all you all want to talk about is this nonsense about my relationship with Jason Carter. You never talk about my unwavering support for Michelle Nunn, who is running for the United States Senate" also as a Democrat. Reed says he encouraged Nunn to run.

"You all (reporters) are constantly trying to frame a false conflict between me and this guy who I genuinely like. But I also like the governor. And I make no bones about it," Reed said.

"I've made it clear I think Jason is a fine candidate. And this stuff with you and other people reporting on -- I don't have a problem with Jason Carter," Reed said. "This stuff is getting pretty offensive to me."

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