Kendrick Johnson family, supporters rally at State Capitol

8:09 PM, Dec 11, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA - (AP) The family of Kendrick Johnson was joined outside the Georgia State Capitol by Rev. Joseph Lowery, Martin Luther King III and many others as they search for answers in Kendrick Johnson's death.

Johnson was found dead in stack of gym mats at a Valdosta, Ga. high school and his death was initially ruled accidental.

Questions later arose about the investigation into his death after Johnson's family requested an independent autopsy.

On Tuesday, the Johnsons held a press conference and spoke with 11Alive News. They believe their son was murdered and what to know what evidence is being covered up and why. The Johnsons are concerned because Kendrick's clothes from the day of his death are missing, his finger nails had been cut off and his internal organ were stuffed with newspaper when his body was exhumed.

The Johnsons hope their rally will encourage the Governor to step in and demand an inquest into the cause of their son's death.

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