Lost luggage mystery leaves Delta passenger angry

1:32 PM, Nov 28, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- If you're traveling this holiday weekend - keep your eye on your luggage and an eye on the airline if it gets lost. 

It was one year ago when our Center for Investigative Action held Delta airlines accountable over stolen luggage at Hartsfield -Jackson Airport and now a passenger is holding them accountable over the way they handled her bags on a recent flight.

"Why are you wearing gloves?"11Alive reporter Ross McLaughlin asked Delta passener Meaghan McCord. 

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"Because there are dirty panties in here," she responded, while digging through her recently returned lost luggage.

"This is the bag that contains all the items that aren't mine," she explained.

Her bag disappeared on a flight from Atlanta to LaGuardia on October 20th. And when she got it back, more than 3 weeks later, it was more than her own clothes that were missing.

She makes her own jewelry and she says she had packed a lot of it in her bag for a conference.

"Ten thousand dollars worth!" McCord said.

She says only a few pieces came back. 

McCord says Delta told her that after her lost bag was found, the truck that was supposed to return it to her was stolen. So how does that explain someone else's stuff in her bag?

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Perhaps what we discovered last year can provide some clues. 

We were tipped off about stolen luggage from the Delta carousels in a field not far from Hartsfield-Jackson airport. They had been rummaged through and left open. 

"It's pretty easy to figure out whose bag this is," 11Alive's McLaughlin said, looking at the tags.

We gathered it all up and returned it to the owners but unfortunately we couldn't be sure what stuff belonged in what bag, which is possibly what could have happened when Delta found McCord's luggage. 

"See your bag in there?" McLaughlin asked, after returning one bag to an Atlanta passenger.

"I believe this one right here yup," David Noren responded. "So, I got a call from Delta. They actually didn't say anything about it being stolen or lost, they just said we apologize."

McCord got an email from Delta apologizing too, along with a promise of a $3400 check and a 500 dollar travel voucher.  Last year we were told Delta was stepping up its security and we've learned it's also investigating McCord's stolen luggage.

"This could be somebody else's stuff and if it is, then they are more than welcome to come get it, and if they have my stuff, I'd be willing to trade," she said.

It's recommended you take pictures of the items you put in your luggage and try to hang on to all receipts as proof of value, just it case it ever disappears.  According to the Federal Department of Transportation, the maximum claim for lost luggage is $3400. 

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