Study: Hartsfield-Jackson ticket prices up, flights down

8:44 PM, Nov 25, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The average price of a ticket out of Hartsfield-Jackson hasn't changed much. But the number of available seats and flights are down.

USA TODAY did a study of the 100 biggest airports in the United Stated. According to their findings, the average price of a domestic ticket of departing from Hartsfield-Jackson airport was $365.08 in 2005. The price rose 4% to $378.75 by the first quarter of 2013. The biggest fare change came in Cincinnati, where airfares are up 26%.

The number of seats leaving from Atlanta dropped 12%.  The number of flights dropped from 111,158 in the first quarter of 2005 to 99,235. It's an 11% drop.

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The trends are connected. Airports with the biggest drops in available flights and seats also saw the steepest spikes in fares over the eight-year period studied by USA TODAY.   And airports that lost at least a quarter of their seats saw nearly twice the average fare increase over those 8 years. 

The USA TODAY study covers a period of airline mergers leading to shedding of hubs and reductions in flights, which the data analysis shows is a driver of fare increases in some bigger markets.

You can compare cities using the interactive tools from USA TODAY below: 

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