Former educators take stand in APS cheating trial

8:39 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA (AP) - On Tuesday, a paraprofessional from Scott Elementary took the witness stand in first trial resulting from the Atlanta public schools cheating scandal.

Tonette Hunter claimed she was ordered to cheat by the principal of her school, Scott Elementary, and taunted with threats of termination from her job by Cotman. 

On Monday, Former Georgia Gov. Sony Perdue took the stand. Perdue confirmed to jurors he ordered state authorities to take over the investigation of school employees suspected of changing students' answers on standardized tests.

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The former governor said Atlanta school leaders were stonewalling and that he thought they were hurting schoolchildren. State authorities finished their sweeping inquiry after Perdue left office, indicting almost three dozen former teachers and administrators, including Superintendent Beverly Hall.

Tamara Cotman is charged in Fulton County Superior Court with trying to influence a witness. Prosecutors allege that the former administrator instructed principals to tell investigators to go to hell.

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