Coca-Cola: disappointed in decision to ban ad in UK

7:06 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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NEW YORK (AP) -- Authorities in the United Kingdom have banned a Coca-Cola television ad because they say it can mislead viewers about how easy it is to burn off the calories in a Coke.

The ad in question, which is also shown in the U.S., shows a variety of activities like dog walking, dancing and laughing that it says would burn off the 139 calories in a single serving of the soft drink.

But the Advertising Standards Authority, which regulates advertising in the U.K., says the ad doesn't make clear enough that all of the activities need to be done in combination in order to burn 139 calories.

It noted that some viewers who complained thought only one of the activities was needed.

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Coca-Cola issued the following statement to 11Alive's Julie Wolfe late Friday afternoon:

"We are disappointed with this decision. The advertisement, which clearly described exactly how many calories there are in a can of Coca-Cola and suggested fun ways to burn them off, reached an audience of 39 million people. Ten people contacted the ASA about it.

Given the growing problem of obesity, we believe it is important for more people to understand this information. We will, of course, comply with the ASA's decision, but raising awareness of energy balance is part of our global commitment to help tackle obesity and we will continue to use our advertising to address it."

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