Clayton officer fired after pointing gun at apt. resident

12:30 AM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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UPDATE: On Thursday, the Wellington Ridge Apartments confirmed that Joshua Green had been fired from his position as courtesy officer. Clayton County Police Department also issued a statement saying that Green had been terminated from the force, because his actions and arrest were "in direct contradiction to the core values" of the agency.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- "He says he is going to shoot me. And he has his hand on his pistol and he's supposed to be the Courtesy Officer."

With those frantic words, Jonathan Fernandez began taking cell phone video of a man who appears to have his hand on a gun. He says the man in the video threatened to shoot him and his dog, after his pit bull mix Big Boy got loose yesterday. He says his pet playfully approached the other man's dog, which was being walked by the other man's wife at the time.

"I proceeded to walk up my stairs, and the gentleman stood behind me the whole time with his chest behind my back, with the firearm to his hand."

Fernandez says he began to knock on his neighbors' doors at the Wellington Ridge apartment complex for help. When no one answered he took out his camera phone and ran to the parking lot, where in front of witnesses he dared the man, who neighbors say is the complex's courtesy officer, to repeat what he had said when they were alone.

"Say it again! You're on camera now!" Fernandez can be heard telling the man. At that point, the video shows him charging Fernandez in a violent, epithet-fueled attack.

"He started pushing me, punching me, holding me, and hitting me with the gun," he said recounting the incident. "I didn't know what to do; I stood there; I froze. You have a gun in your face. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes."

Joshua Green was arrested for aggravated assault and was later released from jail on bond. A woman who answered the door at his apartment had no comment on the incident. But Fernandez says he's outraged that he was told he has to wait three days to apply for a restraining order, while Green is out of jail less than 50-feet from his home.

In a press release Thursday afternoon the Clayton County Police Department said after an internal investigation, Green was terminated.

"Once I saw that firearm, and it wasn't in the holster, I knew he wasn't in the right state of mind or he was willing to do something with that firearm."

Fernandez says he had put his dog away and apologized profusely to Green's wife. In fact, he thought it was all over until Green confronted him.

Despite repeated attempts for comment, the apartment complex management did not respond tonight. Clayton County police officials say they hope to be able to provide more information on their investigation later this week.

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