Female burglar dressed for success and crime

3:42 AM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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JONESBORO, Ga. -- Neighbors on Raymond Street in Clayton County say they want Jonesboro Police to step up patrols in their community. They say there has been an unsettling spike in crime in their quiet subdivision. 

And the person responsible for the latest break-in there is raising a few eyebrows after being caught on the victim's security camera.

A neatly dressed woman in business attire gets out of a blue Buick LeSabre and calmly walks back and forth between doors, trying to see if someone's home.

When it's clear that the house is empty, she forcefully kicks in the door. 

"She leaves the front porch and goes back to her vehicle," said Jonesboro Police Sgt. Brad Pair. "And she goes back around the front porch, and you see a side door start to shake. You see the door bust open, and you see the female there." 

The surveillance video shows the woman's car driving back and forth along the street before she pulls into the home's driveway. Her appearance and comportment are very professional and not likely to stir suspicion from neighbors.

Police say when she breaks into the home, she quickly goes after the items that are easy to fence like a laptop, expensive handbag, and cash. 

"It was shocking to see a female in business attire break into a house," said Sgt. Pair. "I shouldn't be shocked, but it was shocking."

If you have any information, please call Jonesboro Police at 770-478-7407.

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