Newnan community rallies to support fire survivor & family

10:28 PM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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NEWNAN, Ga. -- The deadly fire that killed five people in Newnan on Saturday morning was ruled an accident, as investigators say it started in the home's electrical box. 

But the family continues to question whether there was a prior history with those problems. 

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Molly McCrary, 11,  escaped the flames and was the only survivor. Now, her family and community are rallying around her and her other sisters. 

Molly McCrary sits quietly, almost numb, as family, friends and total strangers come and go at her grandmother's home in. They are there around the clock to show their love and support. They bring food and clothing.

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Sitting beside Molly, her two sisters Destiny and Erika, who were not at home when the fatal fire broke out.  But all three girls lost everything in the blaze. 

The family has been overwhelmed they say with community support.  First a vigil Saturday night and now a constant stream of visitors.

Rozanne Arnold, Molly's aunt, provides the pillar of strength for the rest of the family.  "You really don't know how much people can really care for you until tragedy -- there has to be tragedy for us to come together. Some nice and caring people out there, very nice people," Arnold said.

"They have been so nice, pouring out gifts for the girls. I mean just an incredible way. They have been so nice," she said. 

Most of the gifts, say family members, are coming from total strangers. "They are pouring out, just so much, everybody in the community. They are helping out. You can tell people really care; it's been just so great. Clothes have been coming in, gift cards, and food. They have been very supporting," she said. 

And the business community also stepped right in. Retail giant Macy's quickly gave Molly and her sisters' generous gift cards, insuring they could immediately replace clothing and essentials. 

As the McCrary family continues to grieve, they keep one thing atop their minds: "We all need to stick together and just be supportive for the kids."

Donations can be taken to any Georgia Wells Fargo branch for the Alonna McCrary Memorial Fund.

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