Local teens rescue drowning couple during spring break trip

6:31 AM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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DALLAS, Ga. -- Tyler Seagan and Dillon Humphries do everything together. That's what happens when you've been best friends for nearly half a lifetime.

The two met in middle school and have done everything together; they've taken trips, played on the school tennis team and navigated high school. Together.

But the South Paulding High School seniors never dreamed that during a spring break trip to Panama City, Fla., they would share another unforgettable experience: saving lives.

"The waves were like six feet tall," Seagan said. Both agreed there was a red flag warning on the beach that day but, being teenagers, they ignored it. 

So did Melvin Todd and his pregnant girlfriend Tatiana, also vacationing in Panama City. The couple swam out to enjoy the water, but Todd, an Atlanta resident himself, knew they were in trouble when his feet no longer touched the bottom. His girlfriend was already a few feet in front of him. They soon grew tired from fighting the current and began to call for help.

"I was pretty much at a standstill and it was pretty much the same thing for her," Todd said.

"The second time we heard 'help," that's when we saw them both floating," Seagan said. "So then, we looked at each other and we didn't say a word. We knew what we were thinking and we just swam out there."

Humphries grabbed Todd's girlfriend, while Seagan pulled Todd to safety. They arrived at shore in time for lifeguards to arrive and take over.

It wasn't until after Todd left the hospital and wanted to thank the two rescuers that he noticed their area code.

"That was the best part!" he smiled. "We were hoping that they left some contact information, so when we saw the 678 [area code] in one of their numbers, it was like, is that not too perfect?" 

Todd says he and his family owe their lives to Humphries and Seagan. The couple is even considering naming their new child after the teens.

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