Mystery Good Samaritan soldier identified

4:09 PM, Mar 30, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- "Oh, my God it was amazing. It was amazing."

That was the reaction of David Hexton as he photographed the quick action of two soldiers working to free a trapped and injured driver in midtown Monday. Her car had just collided with a school bus.

At the time, nobody knew the names of the two heroes.

But tonight, we know at least one: Taylor Richardson.

"I was coming down the road here and came to the intersection and saw a bus on the side of the road and a bunch of kids standing on the sidewalk," he recalled. "At first, I thought 'Wow, a lot of kids live in this neighborhood. This is quite the bus stop.'"

But a few seconds later, it became clear that a bad accident had taken place at North and Central Park.

That's when Richardson, along with a still-unidentified female soldier, jumped into life-saving mode, while other motorists simply drove past.

"(The driver) was having some left-side leg and hip pain, and she was stuck in the vehicle and couldn't get out," Richardson said.

"At that point, I looked over to my right and out of nowhere another member from the Army showed up. Never met her before; we weren't there together; we just worked together. We don't need to be from the same place to work together well."

The odds are remarkable that two soldiers, who didn't know each other, would jump into action at the same scene at the same time.

"She kind of gave me a hand and held c-spine for the patient," Richardson said. "And I tried to get in on the other side (of the car), and the door was jammed. I came to the other side.

And popped the door open and folded it back toward the driver's side tire and proceeded to get her out as the dash started smoking on the inside. So we made a decision to pull her out of the vehicle before anything else could happen to her."

Richardson has extensive emergency training and already has a job application in with the Atlanta Fire Department.

We'll continue our search for the other soldier, a staff sergeant who may also be a recruiter, and keep you posted on any updates.

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