THE DEBATE: Would guns on college campuses make us more or less safe?

12:13 AM, Mar 9, 2013   |    comments
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File of handguns for sale in Georgia

ATLANTA -- While President Obama and some of the rest of the nation are pushing stricter gun control laws, Georgia's State Legislature is on the verge of passing looser gun laws.

The main argument behind them is that people should have the right to protect themselves from criminals or a deranged gunman.

That idea is at the heart of House Bill 512 which would allow licensed gun owners to carry firearms at churches, bars and parts of college campuses.

Supporters and critics of the bill are deeply divided over whether more guns would in fact have a deterrent effect on crime or lead to more gun violence.

State Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) and Georgia Tech Students for Concealed Carry Chairman Robert Eager debate the issue.

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