Beer carnival bolsters Atlanta as burgeoning 'brew haven'

5:53 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Atlantic Station played host to the 4th Annual Winter Beer Carnival on Saturday and probably not at a better time. 

The craft beer culture in Atlanta is a budding one. With breweries like Cheap Monday, who opened their doors on Saturday, Terrapin, Sweetwater, Wild Heaven and other local crafters -- it looks like Atlanta has finally caught on to the trend of regional brew. 

Rob Frazer of premier events created the Winter Beer Carnival about four years ago to help people "sample beers they may not know much about." However, local beers have taken one a more prominent role in the carnival, lately. 

"Local breweries are popping up left and right, there's going to be one in Woodstock, there's one in Marietta. They're opening up every weekend, it seems like -- it's really exciting and it's really fun to be apart of."  

Former Paste Magazine publisher Nick Purdy is one the creators of Wild Heaven beer and he thinks Atlanta is finally catching up. 

"The south is finally catching up to the craft beer trend. We're (Wild Heaven) happy to be part of showing that the south is going to have a creative, innovative and exciting beer culture," Purdy said. 

However, although Atlanta is catching up to the "craft beer craze" the Empire City of South has yet to define a signature flavor of it's own. 

Some say the state is known for IPA and some say Amber Ales but Purdy thinks, "The perfect Atlanta beer would have to have some sort of southern note to it." 

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