GA Rep. Tyrone Brooks blasts FBI over investigation

8:05 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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  • Re-enactment of 1946 Moore's Ford Bridge lynching
  • Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta)
  • Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta)

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Once a firebrand in Georgia's General Assembly, long time state representative and civil rights worker Tyrone Brooks has been relatively quiet the last few years.

But Tuesday the 67-year-old lawmaker and activist came out swinging at the FBI and the federal government.

"I've never been accused of corruption or bribery; I've never been accused of anything but being a civil rights worker," the Atlanta Democratic Representative said.

He confirmed that the FBI has approached some members of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials, which he heads.

He said they've been asking about financial dealings surrounding an annual re-enactment his group and other civil rights organizations stage to remember the 1946 massacre and lynching of two black couples at Moore's Ford Bridge in Monroe.

"Many of our friends and supporters around the state, Monroe and beyond, have called us in terms of FBI visiting them, raising questions about our work," Brooks said.

He insists he's done nothing wrong.

Instead, he claims the FBI Atlanta office is embarrassed by pressure from his group over its failure to solve the 66-year-old crime and is even covering up federal involvement.

He points out it's a tactic they've used against civil rights figures in the past, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I know the tactics of character assassination and the smear machine; I've seen it many, many times throughout my career," Brooks added.

Following their usual practice, the Atlanta FBI office would not comment on any investigation.

But First Assistant U.S. Attorney John Horn sent 11 Alive a statement saying, "The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials is not under investigation, nor do we have any reason to believe the organization was engaged in any wrongdoing.

Horn did not say if Brooks, himself, was being investigated.

The State Representative said the FBI has not contacted him, only some other members of GABEO.

He also said former Democratic Governor Roy Barnes has offered his legal services, if needed.

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