Russian adoptions suspended in U.S.

12:31 PM, Dec 24, 2012   |    comments
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WXIA-- There's an international tug of war going on between Russia and the United States.  And it's children Who are being caught in the middle.

Angry over a new U.S.  law that can sanction Russians who violate human rights.

The Russian parliament has voted, apparently in retaliation to suspend the popular adoption program.

American families had been allowed to take in orphaned children from that country.

Many families here in the metro area have participated in it, giving new lives to kids who desperately need them.

We talked to a local family who adopted their son from Russia in 2008.  They're worried about what could happen to all those other children still waiting.

The O'Neal family says they're still hopeful something will happen to change Russian lawmakers' minds.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to sign the measure.

The number of foreign adoptions has plunged in the past eight years, especially those from Russia.

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