Sneiderman's lawyers not asking for change of venue

8:40 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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DECATUR, Ga. -- Despite all the publicity surrounding her husband's murder, Andrea Sneiderman's lawyers are not asking for a change of venue for her trial.

Instead her lawyers filed a motion Friday asking for potential DeKalb County jurors to be questioned separately during the jury selection process and asked specifically about their exposure to media coverage of the case.

"Opinions articulated by potential jurors might expose other potential jurors to the biases of jurors offering an opinion," the motion on behalf of Andrea Sneiderman says.

Sneiderman is accused manipulating her former coworker, Hemy Neuman, into killing her husband Rusty Sneiderman in November 2010 outside a Dunwoody day care. Her attorneys say she is a grieving widow and not a murderer.  Neuman is serving a life sentence for the killing.

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Andrea Sneiderman's trial date has not yet been set. 

Two other motions also of interest:

Her attorneys are asking the court to prohibit prosecutors "from making any reference during the trial to any relationship she has with Mr. Joseph Dell." Dell is the man who accompanied Mrs. Sneiderman to court during part of Neuman's murder trial last winter. Prosecutors have recently suggested she manipulated Neuman into killing her husband so she could be with Dell.

The motion says "evidence of any relationship between Defendant and Dell (whatever it may be -- is it really anyone's business?) after the death of Rusty Sneiderman can not be used as proof of any sort of motive in the death of Rusty Sneiderman.

A third motion calls for the judge to dismiss almost the entire case for lack of evidence.

All sides are under a gag order and can't talk to the news media.

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