64-yr-old woman found stabbed in her home

1:35 AM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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Woman found stabbed in her home
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  • LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga -- Gwinnett County Police are trying to solve the mysterious murder of a 64 year old Lawrenceville woman. She was found brutally stabbed in her bedroom inside her home on Alamein Drive.

    Police said Parviz Moledina lived by herself and when she was found her car, a silver 2007 Volvo station wagon, was missing. "The inside of the house had been disturbed so we're not a hundred percent sure if other items were taken," said Cpl. Jake Smith. "We're certainly not taking off the table the possibility that this was a random crime."

    Police were called to the home after a neighbor called 911 because he was suspicious something was wrong. Neighbors said Moledina always kept her garage door closed, even if she was home.

    Manuel and Alicia Herrera said they thought it was odd when they saw her garage door open and her car gone. They also noticed a hole in the peak of the garage. "She never left open the garage," Mrs. Herrera said.

    "And we saw the hole in the roof," her husband said. Inside the garage a fold out ladder was dropped from the ceiling. Police are trying to figure out if the suspect came through the hole and down the ladder to get into the home.

    Because it was so suspicious Herrera and another neighbor looked in a window on the side of the home and saw Moledina lying on the floor. "We looked through the window, I see the lady, she was on the floor carpet," Herrera said.

    Herrera said his neighbor called 911. Corporal Smith said the call came in about 10:45PM Wednesday. "The officers came out when they went inside they discovered the victim deceased from knife wounds," Cpl. Smith said.

    The next morning a Gwinnett County Police officer saw someone sitting in a car like the victims that was parked at Sugarloaf Mill Mall. "When the officer drove past the first time he thought the vehicle looked like the victims vehicle," Cpl. Smith said. "He ran the tag and by the time he got the tag back and turned around the vehicle was empty."

    Gwinnett County Police conducted surveillance at the mall for several hours but no one returned to the vehicle. They also searched inside the mall where only a few stores were open for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    Corporal Smith said detectives would look at surveillance video from the mall cameras. They will also process Moledina's car forensically for evidence.

    Anyone with information on the murder should contact Gwinnett's Homicide Unit at 770-513-5300.

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