School Bus Violations: County by County

3:35 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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We submitted an Open Records request to 5 school districts in the Atlanta area, including Atlanta Public Schools, Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton Counties.

Our request asked for copies all red light camera tickets and copies of all moving violations for the period covering January 1, 2011 to Sept 27, 2012. 

All the districts track driver records differently.

Atlanta public schools only provided moving violations that were associated with accidents, where its bus drivers were found to be at fault.

Gwinnett County Schools doesn't keep track of violations but conducts monthly checks on school bus driver histories with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

DeKalb County Schools requires its drivers to turn in all moving violations, even while driving personal vehicles. It follows up by conducting driver history checks as well.

After going through the records that were provided to us, here's a breakout of what we found:

7 Violations Red Light Camera tickets

53 Violations
11 Failure to Maintain Lane
1 Failure to Stop
8 Failure to Yield
12 Following Too Close
1 Hit and Run
1 Impeding Traffic
4 Improper Backing
4 Improper Lane Change
5 Improper Turns
4 Speeding - 1 in a School Zone
2 Striking Objects - 1 a vehicle

10 Violations
1 Red Light Camera Violation
2 Failing to Yield
4 Failing to Maintain Lane
1 Failing to Obey Traffic Control Device
1 Improper Backing

13 Violations
1 Red Light Camera Violation:
1 Basic rules
4 Failure to Yield
1 Failure to Maintain Lane
3 Following Too Close
1 Improper Backing
2 Speeding - 1 in School Zone

Accident Reports 33
31 Violations
1 Red Light running
1 Failure to Obey Traffic Device
2 citations issued for accidents, but not specific.
10 Failure to Maintain Lane
2 Failure to Yield
8 Following Too Close
2 Improper Backing
2 Improper Lane Change
1 Improper Left Turn
1 Improper Right Turn
1 Stopped Over Line

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