Grandson and strangers save 85-year-old woman from car fire

8:33 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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  • Dollie Waters' 1990 Ford Crown Victoria
  • Driver's seat of Dollie Waters' 1990 Ford Crown Victoria
  • Dollie Waters, 85, saved from car fire by grandson and several strangers
  • Family photo of Dollie Waters with late husband, James, who gave her the car 22 years ago as a birthday present
  • Dollie Waters' grandson, Ural ("D.J")

ATLANTA - An 85-year-old Atlanta woman is grateful to her teenage grandson and some total strangers for saving her life Wednesday evening.

"I'm wonderfully blessed because I'm alive and my children are alive," Dollie Waters told 11 Alive on Thursday.

A deeply religious woman, she doesn't believe it was just coincidence that she, one of her daughters and her 14-year-old grandson survived a car fire in rush hour traffic.

She'd been driving her 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria since her late husband, James, gave it to her as a birthday present 22 years ago.

Dollie said no one has been able to tell her why the car suddenly burst into flames as she was driving in the 700 block of West Peachtree Street around 5 pm Wednesday.

"They don't know and I don't know," she said.

Her grandson, 14-year-old Ural "D.J." Waters, was riding in the back seat and first noticed the flames.

He told her to stop the car and turn it off.

Then he jumped out and helped his mother, Germaine Waters, get out.

But his grandmother was trapped in the driver's seat.

"I couldn't get out because the door was locked and I had the seat belt on," Dollie Waters said.

Her grandson managed to get the door open and as he was pulling her out of the burning car several strangers helped.

Dollie still doesn't know who they were.

"I thanked them, I did say something to them, I thanked them," she said.

Waters lost her shoes and pocketbook in the fire.

She was able to salvage a smoke damaged wallet as well as some charred keys and cash.

But because her car was so old and she only had liability insurance, her policy does not cover a replacement.

When I asked her what she's going to do about getting another one she said, "I don't know; food for thought."

Dollie said she believes God will provide an answer, the same God she believes decided it wasn't time for her to go just yet.

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