Store clerk killers strike again

1:04 AM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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College Park robbery (Top) Forest Park robbery (Bottom)
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  • COLLEGE PARK, Ga -- Four hours after a convenience store clerk was shot and killed, the same suspects tried to rob another store clerk, according to College Park Police. But the second time the clerk was behind bullet proof glass and the suspects fled when he called police.

    The first attempted robbery happened at the BP gas station at 5097 West Fayetteville Rd. in College Park Saturday night. Two suspects walked into the store and ordered the clerk, Alagie Dibba, 28, to get down and put his hands over his head. But before Dibba could react one of the gunmen fired a shot and hit him in the stomach. Dibba died after being transported to the hospital.

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    Merely four hours later the same two suspects and a third suspect were captured on surveillance video at a BP gas station on State Highway 85 in Forest Park.

    The video shows three suspects, including the same two suspects who tried to rob the College Park gas station. "Somebody shouted 'open the door'," said clerk Ashu Walia. Two of the suspects pointed guns at Walia who was inside a glass enclosed booth. "He was behind bullet proof glass and he never let them in," said Major Linda Burke of the College Park Police Department.

    The suspects ran out of the store without getting any money. "Yeah, it was scary for the moment," Walia said. "When somebody points a gun toward you, even if you are behind the glass you get scared."

    The killer in the College Park case was left handed and wore an "Aeropostale" hoodie. In the Forest Park case he turned the same jacket inside out. A second suspect wore what appears to be a letter jacket with light color sleeves.

    In both cases, they failed to get any money. "We wonder what they're going to do next," said Maj. Burke. "It's a scary thought that even after they killed someone, four hours later they were attempting to rob somebody else."

    College Park Police are hoping someone recognizes the suspects before they try to rob someone again. They are asking people to call their tip line at 404-768-8664.

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