Fact checking the Presidential candidates

9:51 PM, Oct 13, 2012   |    comments
President Barack Obama and former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney
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ATLANTA, Ga -- When it comes to fact-checking the Presidential candidates, it appears that neither candidate would come out with an A+ for telling the truth.

11Alive spoke with Jason Reifler, an assistant professor of Political Science at Georgia State University.

He says with all the political campaign talk, it's sometimes difficult for voters to know who and what to believe and finding out if claims are true depends on who you ask.

"Both campaigns are, at a minimum, stretching the truth and one of the reasons they do it is because they can get away with it.  There are also no strong incentives to avoid it," siad Reifler.

Any punishment is usually after the fact and simply calls for having an ad pulled after someone points out a problem.

Reifler says voters need to educate themselves.

11Alive has a fact-checking team, our 11Alive Bullfighters, and most major news organizations fact check as well.

Reifler also recommends the following websites: factcheck.org and politifact.com.


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