Have you ever wanted your own Haunted Mansion?

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Haunted Mansion replica for sale in Duluth

DULUTH -- Sixteen years ago, Mark Hurt decided to build his family home in gated Duluth community. Many of the houses on his street were modeled after homes in the New Orleans French Quarter, but Hurt wanted something different.

So he took his inspiration from Walt Disney.

"As a Disney contractor, I've always had a love of what Disney did in his amusement parks," Hurt said. "So when I went to build this house, I wanted something unique."

The result: an almost exact replica of Disney's Haunted Mansion. On the outside, the Duluth home models the Disneyland attraction down to the smallest detail; Hurt's home even has a "Haunted Mansion" plaque on the front gate.

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But that's where the similarities end. The seven bedroom, six bathroom home is just a normal mansion on the inside, complete with space for a library and music room, elevator shaft, spacious kitchen and and upstairs patio.

Of course, it wouldn't be the Haunted Mansion without a few surprises. The light fixtures are accented with gargoyles. You can spot purple and red accents, Haunted Mansion colors, throughout the house. 

And guests are in for a real surprise in the downstairs powder room: when the water is turned on, the lights flicker, music plays and a holographic image of one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts appears in the bathroom mirror.

"We wanted to pay homage to the original Haunted Mansion," Hurt said. The Hitchhiking Ghosts are characters from the original attraction.

The house is listed at $873,000 and is being sold through Theme Park Connection. 

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