Free Cash? For Shopping?

10:31 AM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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Smart Consumers can earn actual cold hard cash by signing up for a few simple online programs! can earn parents money for children's college expenses.  Registering store loyalty cards and credit cards qualifies for cash back for money spent plus bonus cash on certain items. For example, five percent of what parents spend in many online stores goes into a Upromise College Savings account. It can add to thousands of dollars if you start while your children are small!

Those who sign up for  can get rebates for grocery shopping. Instead of taking money off their grocery bill,  consumers get cash back, which is deposited into a savings account. Accounts are redeemable when they reach $5.00.

And consumers can earn gift cards just for searching the internet by signing up for  Once you earn a required number of bucks you can redeem them for gift cards for Amazon and other online stores.

These programs accumulate benefits slowly but over time can yield significant results!


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