Residents evicted after property employee pockets rent money

12:23 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Dozens of tenants at a Midtown apartment complex will get to move back home, after being served eviction notices. The notices came even though they said they paid their rent.

"I paid my rent and I got evicted," said Lavel Washington as he stood outside with his belongings.

Washington was not the only resident of the apartments at 11th and Piedmont to receive eviction notices.

Another resident who was served an eviction notice, David Bolt, was equally irate.

"You had 40, 45 apartments that you filed evictions on in one day," Bolt said. "That's your first red flag that someone is stealing money from you. And then you're going to come to me and treat me like a criminal, not a law abiding, rent paying tenant?"

The tenants showed 11Alive News receipts to prove they had paid rent. But they have since learned the assistant property manager was pocketing their money - after negotiating a deal to pay early, often in cash, and receive a discount.

An Atlanta attorney owns the homes and small apartment buildings along 11th and 12th streets near Piedmont Park. While he was not available to speak to 11Alive News, his senior property manager spoke with 11Alive's Melissa Long off camera.

He said the assistant property manager was fired Monday. He said they do not intend to press charges against, and that the former employee is "voluntarily" being financially responsible for some of the funds.

The senior property manager says the goal is to make sure account balances and leases are straight for all 120 residents.


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