Chick-fil-A, Coke, Home Depot among 'Most Inspiring'

12:04 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- A new consumer survey conducted by an Atlanta-based consulting and training firm ranks Chick-fil-A at No. 7, The Coca-Cola Co. at No. 10 and The Home Depot at No. 17 on a list of the 25 Most Inspiring Companies in the United States.

Performance Inspired surveyed 2,175 consumers to compile the list, reports Forbes.

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Apple topped the list for the second straight year.

The goal of the survey was to find a correlation between successful companies and those that inspire their consumers, Performance Inspired told Forbes.

"According to our latest research, consumers are not only feeling inspired by spending more with these companies while evangelizing to others about their inspiring experience," said Terry Barber, chief inspiration officer for Performance Inspired. "We now see there is a validated set of drivers to inspiration and when these drivers are activated, it elevates employee engagement that shows up in the customer experience."

Barber said Chick-fil-A continued to score well in the annual survey, even with the controversy that flared up following president and COO Dan Cathy's comment to a Christian publication that the company is "guilty as charged" of supporting "the biblical definition of marriage."

"Over the last three years since we've been doing this research, Chick-fil-A has always shown up as being very inspiring, so it just makes sense that there is a lot of equity and trust built up here and no doubt, they are leveraging some of that good equity during these times," Barber said.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Companies, according to the survey, are:

1. Apple
2. Walmart
3. Target
4. Google
5. Microsoft
6. Amazon
7. Chick-fil-A
8. Starbucks
9. McDonald's
10. Coca-Cola

(Carla Caldwell, Atlanta Business Chronicle)

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