HOPE helps make GA Tech the best deal in the U.S.

9:47 AM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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Smart Money Magazine ranks Georgia Tech as the best academic deal in the U.S.

ATLANTA -- A new study will serve as a great new recruiting tool at Georgia Tech.

Smart Money Magazine ran the numbers and found Tech offers the best academic deal in the country.

"There's definitely a high-range salary that goes with jobs offered to Georgia Tech students," said third-year student Ashley Wright. 

Smart Money found Tech's class of 2009 spent $87,810 in tuition over four years and now earn a median salary of $59,000.

Older Tech grads in their 30's have a median salary of $102,000, and their tuition was much lower.

"I do have some loans to pay back," said student Alex Sohani. "If I have a salary like that, it wouldn't be too hard to do that."

It's a big selling point in this tough economy, and it's Tech's second year at number one.

"You're talking big money when you talk about college education, and you want to know it's going to matter," said Rick Clark, Georgia Tech's Director of Undergraduate Admissions.

Clark said Smart Money's "payback score" is as important as any ranking and less subjective.

"Our average graduate is coming out with 20 percent less loans than the average four-year graduate but earning double the salary of the national average," Clark added. 

The HOPE Scholarship plays a big role in keeping Tech's tuition costs down, and its list of majors falls right in line with today's hottest jobs, mostly in technology.

The University of Georgia also did well in the Smart Money ranking, coming in number four behind Tech, the University of Florida and the University of Texas.

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