Ludacris talks Music Midtown, his own sponsor, a clean act

9:30 AM, Sep 23, 2012   |    comments
Ludacris (Photo: Holly Pennebaker)
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ATLANTA -- Rapper, actor Ludacris talked with the press before taking the stage at Music Midtown on Saturday afternoon.

Compared to the shows he has done in the past, Ludacris said his performance, to last just over an hour, would be cleaner for his hometown. He also said that an hour gave him enough time to perform songs from all of his eight albums.

His first time on the Music Midtown stage, Ludacris said being back in Atlanta is great. Just moments before his show time, he said he had heard about this show for years, and he is glad to bring his music back to the city where he started.

"It's definitely going to be a great show, a very passionate show," Ludacris said.

Ludacris talked about his show sponsor, his own headphone company, SOUL. Previously, Ludacris worked from endorsement deals with products from other companies, and he is excited to now have his own.

"In order to come to this point in my life where I have my own headphones and my own business sponsoring some of the big events that I'm doing is like, there's no word to explain how great it is," he said. 

The rapper and actor also reflected upon his career, and recognized those young musicians trying to make it.

"I think nowadays the entire music scene is pretty much dictated over the web, so I would say that's the best outlet for getting their work out there," Ludacris said. 

He believes inspiring artists should try to get their music online and with the largest presence they can to gain popularity and audiences.

As for himself, Ludacris knows music as his first love among acting and other business ventures he has taken on. 

"Music is a way for me to express myself so creatively, that it's almost like creating something from absolutely nothing, and I absolutely love the process of getting beats and the coming up with hits," he said. "It's unmatched by anything else that I've done."

Minutes before Ludacris was in front of his fans on the Electric Ballroom Stage in Piedmont Park, he discussed cleaning up his act for the show. Recently, he performed for Tennessee's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, where he cut loose on stage.

"It may be my favorite. It was an outside event with unbelievable fans, with so many elements to the show. Some, we're bringing here today, but Bonnaroo was more of a raunchy show. My show today will be a little cleaner," Ludacris said.

The Atlanta native said he likes Music Midtown because it's a chance to bring many different genres of music to one stage and deliver it to fans of all types.

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