Gun range serving alcohol?

6:05 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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Powder Springs, Ga. - Should alcohol be sold in the same club that houses a shooting range? Nearby residents said it's a bad idea, but the club's owner defended plans to build a country club-style range in Powder Springs.

Owner Kristina Brown said there should be no debate-she agrees shooting and alcohol don't mix. In a lengthy statement, she told 11Alive they will go above and beyond to make sure anyone who has a drink will not be allowed to shoot again that day. Brown described a card swiping system that will only be open to a select group of "Full Metal Jacket" members when the Governor's Gun Club opens in January.

Part of her statement read:
"Members CANNOT drink and shoot, drink then shoot, or drink while in possession of a firearm. Members have strict contractual rules of their membership privileges that address facility conduct including drinking. The members lounge is not a bar and will not be used as one. This is a relaxing social atmosphere for members to enjoy food and limited drinks responsibly."

Brown said staffers will not tolerate "irresponsible and excessive drinking." But that did little to quell the fears of several residents who live behind the planned development.

"Alcohol at a gun range? That's something I've never heard of before and I've gone to gun ranges before," said gun owner Shalaina Pinkney. "Those who are served alcohol are right in front of our neighborhood, who's to stop them from coming in and causing trouble?"

Pinkney said her neighborhood is unfinished, and they're hoping to attract new residents. She feared even the idea of a gun range that served alcohol would repel them.

Other neighbors who declined an interview said they didn't mind the range. They pointed to the fact that property values have already dropped considerably over the past two years, and were unlikely to decline any further.

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