Man charged with trying to lure 10-year-olds from football practice

7:23 PM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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LOGANVILLE, Ga. - Gwinnett Police have charged a 40-year-old man with kidnapping after a 10-year-old complained that the suspect grabbed him at a crowded football practice.

Another 10-year-old told investigators Jean Souffrant tried to lure him from Bay Creek Park in Loganville.

Sixteen-year-old T.J. McNair was there and says he noticed a man holding a child's arm. He says it seemed odd.

"He was looking down, looking weird," said McNair.

McNair says the boy and another youngster later came to him seeking help.

"They said this man is following us, can you help?" said McNair.

The teenager notified a parent, who called police.

"There were other kids running around, and he gathered them in a group to keep them together so he could protect them," said Timothy McNair, the teen's father.

According to the incident report, the 10-year-old told investigators Souffrant grabbed his arm and began dragging him toward the bleachers. The child says when a woman intervened, Souffrant let go.

Police say when they confronted Souffrant he gave them conflicting stories about why he was at the park. He's being held at the Gwinnett County Jail.

According to the police report, investigators have talked to a parent who says on a previous occasion, a man matching Souffrant's description approached his 16-year-old daughter and asked if she was alone.

Investigators also say they've talked to a woman who identified herself as Souffrant's ex-girlfriend. According to the incident report, she told officers Souffrant is the father of her three children and that the suspect had been "acting out of character."

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