Online Shopping: Buy Now or Wait?

5:58 PM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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The Wall Street Journal reports online retailers are trying all sorts of new tricks to get consumers to buy, even changing prices several times a day on some items.

So how do you know when to pounce? There are some online tools that can help you! tracks prices on Amazon.   Consumers can keep track of price fluctuations and sign up to receive alerts when an item is priced within a range you select. predicts how low prices will go and also includes consumer reviews. gives you advice on whether to wait for a lower price or buy now.   It also judges whether electronic items and appliances are about to become obsolete as newer models are released.

All three tools gave us very similar prices but slightly different reviews when we shopped for a Keurig coffee maker.

With prices changing all the time, none of these tools are fooproof so you may want to use more than one before making a decision .


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