Parking Bill of Rights moves forward, gets more teeth

8:51 AM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- A big victory for those who want to see changes in the way PARKatlanta does its job.

11Alive's Parking Bill of Rights, inspired by many of our viewers, is moving forward quickly. Plus, it's got a new addition.

The Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to send the measure to the full city council for a vote Monday.

City Resolution 1141 demands working, easy to use meters; clearly marked signs and spaces; and now, fair and just ticketing practices.

11Alive asked Councilman Michael Bond to include the last provision in response to your complaints about overzealous enforcement and indifferent or slow customer service.

It gives the measure more teeth.

"I think by listening to the public," agreed city councilwoman Yolanda Adrean. 

"Because they will not be shy about telling us if it's not working. And so there's a two-way accountability to our constituents about what their experiences are and keep going back to the table until we get this right."

We also provided photographic examples of clear signage being used in other cities that could be adapted here.

"Those photos were better examples of clear and understandable signage," said councilman Bond. 

"And so we submitted to them to the Department of Public Works, specifically commissioner Richard Mendoza, and asked him to review the way our signs are deployed and illustrated to better reflect those examples, which I would consider to be better examples."

Unless it's pulled for further review or debate, the Parking Bill of Rights will be presented as a consent agenda item Monday. That agenda is typically voted up without much debate.

If that happens, the measure goes to the mayor for his signature and will become Atlanta policy.

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