Last chance for controversial mural

6:47 PM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It appears a controversial Atlanta mural has gotten a reprieve from being painted over. After the owner reportedly gave last weekend as the deadline to make the mural disappear, it's still there.

It was painted by a non-profit organization that seeks to transform empty walls in blighted areas into artistic displays. More than a dozen other murals debuted at the same time as this one, but none of the others provoked complaints.

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The mural is a series of pictures that starts and ends with a nude woman. Through the advancing pictures, she is covered in what appears to be fur, and then disrobes. The pile at her feet turns to an animal and walks away.

One side of the artistic argument says it's obscene to show a woman undressing on a wall that is passed by school buses every day. There is a church across the street and a mosque down the road.

That side appeared to have won the fight when the owner ordered the painting covered up. But apparently they changed their minds when hearing from the other side.

"It stands for transformation; it's about starting off the world innocent and pure," said Tina Arnold, who runs a non-profit that cleans up blight in the neighborhood down the street from the mural. "Things change and we become more jaded, then we transform if we want to out of our worldly ways, and shed our insecurities."

When contacted Thursday, one of the members of the Sawtell Development Partners, the group that owns the site, said September 10 was the new deadline. If the community makes clear its support of the mural at that night's meeting, and the city approves it, it will stay.

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