Jurors watch police tape of Bobby Tillman's accused killer

1:02 AM, Sep 7, 2012   |    comments
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DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- Jurors heard the suspect's own words Thursday, in the murder trial of a teen killed outside a party.

If convicted, 20-year-old Tracen Franklin faces the death penalty for killing Bobby Tillman in November 2010.

Thursday, jurors watched a tape of the police interview after Franklin was arrested.  Franklin and three others accused in the beating were all teens at the time.  Tillman, who was 18, died of a punctured heart.

After more than two hours of questioning, Franklin admitted to police on the tape he did punch and kick Tillman. 

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Emanuel Boykins has already pleaded guilty to murder to avoid facing the death penalty.  Boykins was believed to have instigated the random, unprovoked attack and thrown the first punch, according to Douglas County District Attorney David McDade.

The two other suspects, 19-year-old Quantez Devante Mallory and 20-year-old Horace Damon Coleman, do not face the death penalty.

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