Roswell family still fighting to adopt twins

10:59 AM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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Julian and Jada (Courtesy Lisa and Ted Williams)

ATLANTA -- "You couldn't write this for TV."

Lisa Williams' day began with a phone call to her Roswell home telling her that if she didn't get to Fulton County Juvenile Court in 45 minutes, she could be arrested for not showing up, held in contempt.

A judge last week said Williams didn't have to show. The matter was settled and Williams was not arrested.

It's just another day in the life of this family, locked in a bitter battle to try to adopt twins Jada and Julian.

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The battle seemed to reach a new low last week.

"Jada became really upset when the police arrived to serve a subpoena on her," Lisa said. "She felt that she had been a bad girl and she was going to be arrested for something. And so we had nightmares. It was a rough night."

The subpoenas were for yet another hearing. The Williams, who are foster parents, have had Jada and Julian since they were five weeks old. The twins are now three and a half. And Ted and Lisa Williams have been fighting to adopt them. But when the twins were 15 months old, an aunt and uncle said they wanted them. Now the court system must decide what is best for this brother and sister who've only known one family.

A hearing is set for within the next few weeks and will likely determine if the twins will stay with the Williams or go to their aunt and uncle. Maggie Williams, a grown daughter of Ted and Lisa, says the family is praying the twins will get to stay with them, forever.

"We'll have a big party," she said. "We'll have a cake. Jada sings this song it's 'Happy Birthday,' but she sings 'Happy Family Day."




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