Man vs. PARKatlanta

8:42 AM, Sep 6, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- It all began with a notice from PARKatlanta.

At issue, a parking violation from three years ago. The vehicle ticketed, according to the citation, a Honda Civic. The location, Ivan Allen Jr. and West Peachtree. The supposed owner, Ray Fast of Dallas, Georgia.

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Fast has never owned a Honda; his Toyota Corolla looks a little like a Honda.

"I called the number on the citation and talked to a lady at PARKatlanta," he said. "With the citation in front of her, which I never received, she read it off. It was not my car and (the) plate number was written down wrong. She also wanted me to prove it wasn't my car."

Fast writes local plays. He was fired up. He called city leaders; he wrote state officials. Nothing. He heard zero, zilch. No help.

Ray shot 11Alive News an email.

"I just want somebody to say this isn't your vehicle, and you don't have a parking ticket anymore," Fast said.

11Alive took it to Atlanta City Councilman at Large Michael Julian Bond.

Councilman Bond resolved the ticket with PARKatlanta for Fast and put the 3-year-old issue to bed.

"There is also the possibility that the citing officer might have misidentified the make or model of the car , a Toyota and Honda are similar," Bond said. "But rather than put him through any more consternation or stress, they have agreed to eliminate the penalty."

As for Raymond Fast and his battle with PARKatlanta over a phantom citation, he says the lesson is simple.

"Don't roll over!" he said. "If something happens like this, pursue it until it's fixed. It doesn't go away."

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